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    17.05.17 The HIFA Growing Poem - FULLY GROWN We built a fire once, my friends, To fight against the cold It warmed all those who gathered round And in our hearts took hold We squeezed together, arm to arm And watched the flames entra...
    08.05.17 HIFA Crowdfunding successful! Last 12 Hours to participate As the final fireworks fade on #HIFA2017 ~ we would like to reach out and say a HUGE Thank you to all the supporters of the #HIFAmusthappen crowdfunding campaign, which is also drawing to a close soo...
    04.05.17 The HIFA Growing Poem - the spirit of HIFA Supporters of the #helpHIFAhappen campaign could choose to heave their name made part of the HIFA growing poem - 4 days left if you want to be included, head to www.thundafund.com/project/hifamusthapp...

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    Harare International Festival of the Arts

    "HIFA has been like a tablet, it has come at a time when people are so stressed - so many problems. But HIFA has brought people together. So, despite the problems, it's been like a therapy. It's made people forget their troubles. I, for this whole week, have forgotten about my troubles. I have not gone to the bank to get my salary. I have not bothered because I've been so preoccupied and its been therapeutic despite everything. This is what people of Zimbabwe need. We are facing so many challenges. It is significant."

    — Member of the Public being interviewed by Fazila Mahomed, Voice of America

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