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    04.04.18 Old Mutual Supports Many Positive Zimbabwean Endeavours Including HIFA Address by Old Mutual CEO on announcement of HIFA 2018 Old Mutual Day Old Mutual Zimbabwe Limited is committed to supporting the development and growth of the Zimbabwean economy through various ini...
    21.03.18 CABS Delighted to Once Again Partner HIFA for CABS Day and CABS Opera Gala Address by Mr Mehluli Mpofu, CABS Deputy Managing Director at the launch of HIFA 2018 s CABS Day. It is an honour and privilege to announce yet another partnership between CABS and HIFA. The...
    21.03.18 Renowned Pianist to Direct CABS Opera Gala at HIFA 2018 The CABS Opera Gala at the 2018 edition of HIFA will be under the musical directorship of Craig Terry. Craig is an accomplished, pianist with a solid international career performing with distinguishe...

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    Harare International Festival of the Arts

    "HIFA has been like a tablet, it has come at a time when people are so stressed - so many problems. But HIFA has brought people together. So, despite the problems, it's been like a therapy. It's made people forget their troubles. I, for this whole week, have forgotten about my troubles. I have not gone to the bank to get my salary. I have not bothered because I've been so preoccupied and its been therapeutic despite everything. This is what people of Zimbabwe need. We are facing so many challenges. It is significant."

    — Member of the Public being interviewed by Fazila Mahomed, Voice of America

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