HIFA 2017: 2 - 7 May

The Next Level

HIFA – The Next Level

Our activity over the next 18 months will leverage the many facets of our organizational capacity that have secured HIFA’s prestigious reputation, as well as develop new performances for HIFA 2017, and support major new development and skills exchange projects.

As an eminent Zimbabwean brand, HIFA is known for:

  • High standards of excellence and artistic innovation.
  • The ability to bring together racial groups, genders, and people with diverse beliefs and political allegiances for a single positive purpose.
  • Experiential, innovative events and positive experiences.
  • High standards of management, accountability, and transparency.
  • Creative corporate engagement and acknowledgement through unique opportunities to advertise, market and publicise objectives, CSR mandates, and client-based activities and products.
  • Successful liaison with Government departments.

By combining these qualities of the HIFA brand and our overall objectives and mission, we’re establishing 5 NEW PROGRAMMES that will be highly active over the next 18 months -

HIFA Presents
HIFA will continue to present major shows with visiting and local artists as well as 2/3 day celebrations of particular artistic genres. As always, we hope to inspire and surprise audiences with innovative thinking, creative ideas and unexpected collaborations. This programme will ignite current and new stakeholder and artistic partnerships and actively work on audience development, employment creation and bringing audiences and community groups together. This new year-round approach offers more and various opportunities to all stakeholders.

HIFA Events
A programme providing first-class professional services for conferences, brand launches as well as corporate, diplomatic and private events. This programme creates employment opportunities for young Zimbabweans who want to learn more about event organisation and management.

HIFA Engage
This programme will work on Outreach and Development projects, using arts and culture as a vehicle for change and nation-building. Over the next 18 months we will establish major creative learning and community projects culminating with performances/exhibitions at HIFA 2017.

  • The Travelling Carnival: a professional development, skills exchange and field support programme working across the country.
  • Voices of 1000: a national schools creative learning project leading to a major mass choral happening at HIFA 2017.
  • The City Project: a public art programme exploring and transforming aspects of public transport in Harare.
  • HIFA ACCESS: meetings, symposia and collaborative brainstorming conversations aimed at strengthening and emboldening the Zimbabwean cultural sector.

A programme that presents sports events with an emphasis on high production and entertainment values. Through these projects, we plan to explore ways to marry sports/arts/culture while promoting Zimbabwean artists and corporate partners.

This section will work on a bold audience development programme for HIFA Presents events throughout the year, as well as for the arts sector in general.

As Yann Martel, winner of the Man Booker Prize 2002 wrote: “If we, citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.” We all need to hold on to our hopes, dreams and imaginations – the arts and creative thinking help us to do that. HIFA is going to the next level to develop a meaningful and dynamic role in celebrating the arts in Zimbabwe – we hope you’ll step up with us!

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