HIFA 1-6 May

The HIFA Growing Poem - the spirit of HIFA

4 May 2017

Supporters of the #helpHIFAhappen campaign could choose to heave their name made part of the HIFA growing poem - 4 days left if you want to be included, head to www.thundafund.com/project/hifamusthappen and choose "Poetry Slam", only $8 to be part of a literary artwork for ever!

Thank you to Sam Wilson, Zimbabwean, Author, Script Writer, Director and he of the kaleidescope imagination

We built a fire once, my friends,
To fight against the cold
It warmed all those who gathered round
And in our hearts took hold

We squeezed together, arm to arm
And watched the flames entranced
As sparks flew up and spun around
And darted, dived and danced

Some of us told tales then,
And some struck up a song,
We ate our food and made new friends
And learned where we belong

So if you heard a story there
Or if you broke the bread
The memories now call you back:
The embers aren't yet dead

Our friends arrive from near and far
To reignite the spark
To make the fire rise again
To push against the dark

Felicity Mayhew brings the flint
And Rosemary brings tinder
Nishad Kala chops the wood
And Val pokes at the cinder

Catherine blows gently
Upon the glowing coals
A flame erupts, and cheers rise up
Amongst the waiting souls…


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