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Dereck Mpofu


Dereck Mpofu is Zimbabwe's foremost and most recognised environmental activist with vast years of experience working with government,civic group,Ngos and ordinary people in tackling environmental challenges at the core of Zimbabwean society since 2008.A well respected musical artiste with an afro contemporary beat he has won the hearts of many through the way he has used music to address and redress Zimbabwean socio economic issues.He is the current Goodwill Ambassador for Water Conservation and Zero Littering Campaign appointed in July 2012 a program which brings together 5 ministries in governtment including Min of Environment,Water and Climate,Ministry of Local Gvt and Local authorities like City of Harare in which he works hand in hand with over 500 CBOs and Ngos to mention but a few.This has led to him being populary known as the Green Ambassador Zimbabwe's only recognised person with such a title.He has 3 musical albums so far to his name mainly Handizirini(2008) Dr Phil-osophy (2010)and in 2012 became the first ever Zimbabwean artiste to do a wholly environmental album with 6 tracks which touched on various environmental issues.Done in 3 languages it had 100 00 copies distributed nationwide free of charge for various campaigns.A holder of a Diploma in Theology from Upperview Theological College and a literature Major at A Level Dereck Mpofu is an acclaimed public speaker who travels around schools motivating students on all levels to conserve the environment.In 2013 he was a guest Speaker at World Standards Day Commemorations alongside the current Minster of Industry and Commerce and delivered a highly acclaimed keynote address on turning the environment into an industry before 200 captains of Industry.In 2014 he is lauching a book he has written a book on environmental rhymes for kids translated into 4 languages mainly English,Ndebele,Tonga and Shona titled ''Little Green Ambassadors''.This will be followed by the launch of ''100 000 Little Green Ambassadors by 2015'' a campaign to raise awareness on environmental issues amongst primary and secondary kids
Dereck speaks 4 languages English,Shona,Ndebele and French
He was one of the guest artistes in August 2013 at the 120th session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly held in Victoria Falls and was the youngest ever performing artiste there belting out his most popular song entitled Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe
He is well travelled within Zimbabwe and has appeared at every National Tree Planting day since 2011.He has been a part of over 300 clean up campaigns and is still counting.Internationally he has travelled to over 7 nations and has twice represented Zimbabwe at an international arena in Seychelles at the Carnival du Victoria with Ministry of Tourism in 2012 and 2013.

Dereck is one of the most recorded session vocalists in Zimbabwe having worked on over 200 albums to date as a vocalist/vocal coach/producer with internationally acclaimed musicians such as Nicole C Mullen,Vuyo Mokoena,Albert Nyathi and renowned producers as Clive Mono Mukundu.

In 2013 he pioneered the first ever national choir that brings together disabled and able bodied musicians in one group.Known as the Green Rainbow Choir it consists of 50 kids from Zimbabwe Albino Association,blind and disabled kids from St Giles,white,black and Indian kids hence the rainbow aspect of diverse colours and nationalities but the message is environmental with the makeup of the group speaking another message itself.
Together in 2013 they held the inaugural Green Concert an environmental Awarenes Campaign based on music that brought all environmental players to speak with one voice at 7 Arts theatre.

Currently with his choir he has just finished a 16 track double cd album titled Mr Green Ambassador Sir(Diplomatic Alliances) whcih features Jah Prayzer,Pastor G,Adiona Maboreke,Albert Nyathi amongst others
A stauch christian he is a family man with two sons whom he believes will one day follow in his footsteps.


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