HIFA 2-7 May

Come Watch me die

Theatre • Tickets: $8.00

A comical-poetic and absurd reflection on impermanence and the End, and how we shouldn’t take all of that too seriously.


Played by Geert Vaes, Walter Bourdin, an 87-year-old Jewish Frenchman who sets foot on stage for the very first time, talks about aging and dying as an experience expert. With a good dose of humour, he distances himself from everything that binds him to life. Next to him on stage is the Grim Reaper. Grim plays music and organizes a flea market with Walter's personal belongings.


Actors: Walter Bourdin and Tom Tiest

Direction and Concept - Geert Vaes

Co-Creation, Scenography - Clive Mitchell

Co-Creation and Music - Tom Tiest


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I thought it was great but my co-viewers hated it (One compared it to the unfortunately unforgettable Sax Appeal - or Sax Appalling as it should have been called) The sound was terrible though and it was definitely hard to follow

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