HIFA 2-7 May

Rangla Dance

Dance • Tickets: $10.00

Some of India’s finest traditional performers travel to Zimbabwe to perform a mixed program of dance and music from North India. The show includes Bhangra, the most popular and thrilling folk dance tradition of Punjab, closely linked with harvesting and danced on moonlit nights; Giddha, an immoral women’s folk-dance; Jhummar; Jindua; Malwai Giddha, performed by the male members of the company; Punjabi Opera (Kirti di Kulli); Sammi Dance; Jawabi Challa, a competitive dance form and Nagin Dance, depicting the snake and snake charmer, as well as music featuring instruments like Algoza, Tumbi, Bugdoo, Chimta, Katto, Sap, Dholki, Matka Dhol, Been, Flute, Tallian, and Duff


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