HIFA 30 April - 5 May 2019

Dunia Dance Theatre & AfriKera Dance Theatre - Making Men & Mamy Wata

Dance • Tickets: $8.00

Mamy Wata is a contemporary African-dance piece based on an African mythical powerful, beautiful and seductive spirit that dwells in the water.

Dunia Dance Theatre will set an updated version of this 30-minute conte piece, originally created at the turn of the century, on a group of AfriKera dancers for HIFA 2018. This ‘tale’ piece pivots around Oral Tradition, Female empowerment, religious devotion, and water-related environmental issues.


Making Men (continuously evolving)

Dunia Dance Theatre will present an excerpt of a new piece with four AfriKera dancers evolving around the theme of masculinity. The work focuses on a group of individuals in the process of becoming men. Are they free to choose to do so in any way they deem appropriate, or are they forced and expected to pass through certain rites? Will they proceed unquestioningly, as is expected, into manhood through various stages of their lives, adopting the clearly coded characteristics allowed by society?

Concept/ Choreography by: Harold George (DDT)

Assisted by: Soukaina M.L. Edom


“…the sensual and kinetically exciting mythic tale, Mamy Wata, danced with amazing physical grace and power…” Artlies Magazine, Houston Texas

“A bewitching mix of the Ancient and modern” Luisa Moffet, Brussels, Belgium

“All the ingredients were brought together in Mamy Wata…from the costumed storyteller to traditional drummers and at the heart of it all, dancers of amazing virtuosity…” Ann Holmes, Houston Chronicle


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