HIFA 1-6 May

Sez She

Theatre • Tickets: $10.00

'Sez She' is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.



Women count, as do their stories. Jane Martin is a master storyteller and in Sez She we meet women who have a lot of heart and who are working hard to find their place and their meaning in today’s world. From the middle-class America to the urban Harare, each of their stories are unique and yet not strange as they explore the deeper conversations of women we all know and meet every single day.

‘This sequel to Jane Martin's last monologue play picks up where Vital Signs [HIFA 2013] left off - in these funnier, stranger days of the 21st century. Revelling in virtues of brevity that include hilarity, surprise, and homespun philosophy…these characters know how to take the stage and make the most of their five minutes of fame.’Samuel French

Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.Mary Oliver

Performed by Chipo Chikara & Jamie McLaren/ Cameo appearances by Musa Saruro / Directed by Musa Saruro


'Sez She' is produced for HIFA by Under the Affluence.


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Loaded with lots of fun and poetry and love. The best part of it for me was Red Shift. In physics, it describes the shifting of light or the stars or galaxies away from us ; blue shift is its opposite. This scientific understanding was further enriched by Sez She as the movement of life away from us: indeed, we are not the center of the universe as we sometimes delude ourselves. This evokes a sense of deep humility in me. Thanks Jamie for revealing the arts-side of physics.


It's an amazing culmination of lives of women from different walks of life

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