HIFA 1-6 May

AfriKera Dance Theatre - We Must Transcend

Dance • Tickets: $8.00


The Plague

Look at our world, our planet today!

The plague has many faces; war, oppression, refugee, Human trafficking, Slavery, religious conflict, terrorism … Yet … still there is HOPE!


Iwe neni tine basa!

Arise for you and I are the change we want to see.

Now that we have found our voices, we are never going to give it back!


Spoken word: Zaza Muchemwa/ Live Soul

Concept/ Choreography by: Peter Lenso for The Plague

Choreography: McIntosh Jerahuni for Iwe ne ni tine basa!

Overall Concept/ Artistic direction: Soukaina M.L. Edom

Performers: AfriKera Dance Theatre


NetOne Day



The play appeals to me at a deeper philosophical level. It portrays the human existential condition that is capable of eliciting doubt in humanity. Yet, it offers a transcendental approach to the human condition. Thus, each one can look at the other and say, " I hope in thee for us". indeed, "we have found our voices, we are never going to give it back"

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