HIFA 1-6 May

Drumcat & TS B-Boy Crew

Dance • Tickets: $10.00

2 dynamic companies from Korea are set to electrify HIFA 2018!


Korea's famous Drum Cat troupe come wearing heels and wrapped in leather, ready to whip you into a frenzy of rhythm and power! The all-female percussion band has enjoyed international acclaim, harmonizing femininity and sound across the world. Sexy, fun, powerful and wild, the performance combines rock jazz, techno and Latin rhythms into a unique blend.


South Koreans have been a dominant force on the international B-Boy scene for 15 years and one of the country’s most revered companies, TS B-Boy will hit HIFA 2018 like a brick through a window. Known for it’s incredible synchronized routines, the company will leave you breathless and stunned by the physical feats and throbbing musicality of these insanely talented dancers.


Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Korea’s finest!


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