HIFA 1-6 May

The Book of Spells

Music • Tickets: $8.00

The Afield presents:


An evening of multimedia work for violin and video performed by American violinist Rebecca Fischer and visual artist Anthony Hawley featuring new and original compositions for violin, voice, and electronics with video and other media. The Afield (think “further afield”) has premiered and commissioned works and has been awarded multiple prestigious artist residencies. In 2018, they will launch the Afield School, an artist-led, mobile, pop-up arts platform pioneering interdisciplinary arts education. 

"The Book of Spells" is an ever-changing book in space; one with different chapters, recipes, footnotes, appendices, illustrations, and instructions. The evening will consist of brand new works for violin, classical “remixed” pieces, electronic music, video, text, performance works, and more. In an unstable world with rapidly changing environments, “The Book of Spells” asks what kind of incantations might help bring us to another place. 


Photo courtesy Ben Semisch


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