HIFA 1-6 May

Idiot - Syncrasy

Dance • Tickets: $8.00

We started with wanting to change the world with a performance. We felt like idiots.

Then we danced a lot. We jumped. We called on the folk traditions of Sardinia and the Basque Country. We sang. We jumped some more. We committed.

Now we promise to persevere. We promise to be open. We promise to do our best.


Idiot-Syncrasy is a dance performance by Igor and Moreno that uses jumping – both literally and metaphorically – to explore our capacity to persevere, care and hope. It is both playful and serious in how it welcomes audiences, whilst gently demanding that they too are responsible for noticing change and difference.


Idiot-Syncrasy has been touring internationally since its premiere in 2013 and has been nominated for the National Dance Awards 2015 and the Total Theatre Awards 2015, and it was selected for the European touring network Aerowaves 2015 and the British Council Showcase 2015




Choreographed and Performed by Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas

Artistic Associate Simon Ellis

Lighting Design Seth Rook Williams

Sound Design Alberto Ruiz Soler


Voice Coach Melanie Pappenheim

Company Producer Sarah Maguire

Music (sung live):

Extracts from:
Procurade ‘e moderare (Francesco Ignazio Mannu)
When I’m Sixty-Four (the Beatles)
Quanto t’ho amato (Roberto Benigni)
Al Alba (Luis Eduardo Aute)
Zure Begiek (Mikel Laboa)


With the support of

Idiot-Syncrasy was commissioned by The Place and created using Arts Council funding through Grants for the Arts and with support from Yorkshire Dance, Cambridge Junction, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Aerowaves, TIR Danza and BAD Festival. Igor and Moreno are Work Place artists at The Place, associate artists at TIR Danza and Developed With The Lowry.

Thanks to

With thanks to David Harris, Roberto Casarotto, Dantzagunea, Wieke Eringa, El Graner, Eddie Nixon, Keren Kossow, Louise Jardine, Justyna Latoch, Lola Maury, Laura Ortu, Alicia Otxandategi, SÍN Culturalis Központ, Jitka Tumova, Ann Van den Broek, Christina Elliot and everyone who has helped us.


Age suitability of show

8+ (but please keep in mind that alcohol is used in the performance, therefore some venues might choose 18+ or to allow underage audience to attend only if accompanied by an adult)


Company website address


Twitter and Facebook links


www.twitter.com/igorandmoreno @igorandmoreno


Press quotes


'Urzelai and Solinas deliver totally focused performance that welcomes an audience into their world but leaves just enough ambiguity to tantalise the brain. Performed with splitsecond accuracy and with exhausting agility this is a piece that surpasses the sum of its parts. It’s deceptively simple structure belying a piece of intense integrity and emotion. It may be hard to capture on paper, but this hour with Igor and Moreno will live long in the memory. Groundbreaking’

‘Idiot-Syncrasy is synchronous but far from idiocy. It is an evolving exploration of strength, unity, humour, hope and tenderness that is unexpectedly life-affirming. Let them in and you will feel the love. It’s a wonderful thing.’

‘In contrast to the variously mind-blowing, soul-destroying or trance-inducing states that other minimalist choreography can induce, Idiot-Syncrasy feels very human. More than that: humane. […] The performance seems to acknowledge the togetherness and the separation of dancers, audience, and the world beyond: them, us, the rest. I left feeling an expanded person.‘



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