HIFA 1-6 May


Craft & Design • Tickets: $6.00

A groundbreaking production bringing together small-scale
designers and artisans to voice the stories, passion, and
motivation behind their work. The productions highlight
perceptions, value chain and sustainability in the fashion
industry. Visit the “Fashion Lens” stand in the DESIGN
CENTRE gazebo to see the documentary, meet the designers
and purchase the ready to wear collection.
Panel discussion programme and showcase of Designer
Collections hosted in the Global Quarter at 4:30PM each day:

Tuesday 1 MAY - BANCABC DAY – Wiring and
beading – embracing creativity

Wednesday 2 MAY - CABS DAY – Knitting and
crochet – the role of heritage in developing the fashion industry.

Thursday 3 MAY - NETONE DAY – Sculpture – value
addition and diversification in the fashion industry.

Friday 4 MAY - ZB BANK DAY – Leather – Zimbabwe endowed with quality leather and cotton – what now?

Saturday 5 MAY - ECOCASH DAY – Textiles –
Imports and exports; what is the future of fabrication for local designers?

Sunday 6 May - Old Mutual Day – Up-cycling –
Sustainability and ethical fashion in Zimbabwe


BancABC Day


NetOne Day

ZB Bank Day

EcoCash Day

Old Mutual Day


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