HIFA Harare International
Festival of the Arts

Machume Zango & Forest Jam

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Cândido Salomão Zango, also known as “Matchume

Zango,” https://www.matchumezango.com/ has

dedicated himself to Mozambican traditional music

and dance since the age of six. He is currently

regarded as one of the new masters of the timbila.

Over the past fifteen years, he has toured the

world as a musician and composer of traditional,

experimental and fusion music. As an ambassador of

Mozambican music and culture, he has collaborated


Guitarist with award-winning band Mokoomba,

Trust Samende is known for his virtuosity in both

electric lead and acoustic guitars. Mozambican

drummer Djibra Mussa is a longstanding member

of Timbila Muzimba created in 1997. He has since

toured extensively with Matchume and is one of

Mozambique’s finest drummers.

Swiss bass player and violinist Matthias Abächerli

is the musical director of FOREST JAM Southern

Africa - a non profit organisation; his list of musical

collaborators is long and impressive including Madala



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