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“I feel like our generation needs musicians of the caliber

of Fela Kuti, Papa Wemba, Hugh Masekela, Youssou

Ndour, Miriam Makeba… and that’s my musical mission.

Bringing back the glory days of African Pop music”


TRESOR (French for “treasure” and pronounced

“Trezor”) is a multi-award winning and platinum selling

singer-songwriter and producer licensed to Universal

Music Group under his own label VII Recordings a

division of Jacquel Entertainment Group.


He has an exploding fan base in the U.K, Japan, Italy

and South Africa, and recently brokered a multi-year

record deal (one of the most lucrative record deals

for a South African based artist). Venerated for his

idiosyncratic musicality and fluid vocals, TRESOR is on

the brink of massive global success. His performance at

HIFA 2018 is one of the major music happenings at the

Festival this year.


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