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Publish The Quest

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If you missed Jacob Bain and Publish the Quest at

a previous HIFA, they are a hard-hitting hybrid of

jazz, Afrobeat and hip-hop, fusing bold horns, beats,

melodic guitar, and bass going heavy on the funk…

Before you know it, you’re on your feet ready to

dance and to sign up to join PTQ’s quest.

Bain started out by embracing West African licks and

the sounds of the mbira. This fascination became

a quest of its own, one that eventually took Bain

to Africa, where he met many of his idols and dove

deeper into the music.

Off-stage, the band continues their search for

connection. Performing, teaching, and sharing

donated instruments with a variety of art and youth

centers around the world, whenever they get the

chance. They have just finished their next album titled

A Thousand Kinds of Gold, a compilation of the last

four years of African trips. Collaborators on the new

album include Oliver Mtukudzi, Vieux Farka Toure,

Nneka, and Edith WeUtonga.



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