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Over the last two decades that DEMACHENA have

been creating music together, they have been

pushing the boundaries that define musical genres.

Harnessing their individual cultural experiences in a

never-ending attempt to amalgamate these musical

influences into a homogeneous style. The result

is an inimitable concoction with influences as far

ranging as traditional Shona mbira and Flamenco,

providing a familiar sound to more obscure genres.

Every performance is a pulsating and riveting musical



The trio comprises of:

Luis Gimenez

Ethnomusicologist, composer, Mbira player and

Spanish guitar maestro.


Antonio Prats

An electrifying percussionist and co-founder of the

illustrious Spain-based percussive orchestra Batukm

Takada & RŸgarĊ½.


Rugare Musikavanhu

Mbira, Guitar, Banjo and Didgeridoo player and vocalist.



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