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Winky D

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Winky D has lyrics that will continue inspiring you long

after the track has stopped playing. His emotionally

charged lyrics are the opposite of his soft spoken

and sociable personality. His ghetto schooling was a

prophetic reflection of the powerful lyrics which have

become his life.

Winky D’s early victories in GHETTO LANE CLASHES

earned him great respect amongst the fans who gave

him the nickname Winky D from Wicked Deejay. With

the help of Bartholomew Vera of BlackLab Records,

Winky D has gone on to become one of Zimbabwe’s

major international music stars, touring the world while

never forgetting his roots.


He has released five albums with many chart hits. He is

truly an icon for Zimbabwean urban/reggae music with

nicknames like, “King of Dancehall”, “The BigMan”,

“The Prophet”, “Mutumwa”, “Truthsayer” being

attached to him.

Don’t miss this performance by a Zimbabwean legend!


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