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An acclaimed Portuguese group created by Catarina

Duarte and Nuno Caldeira after a three-month trip

in Asia. Half travelers, half musicians, they bring their

travel inspired songs for the first time to Zimbabwe,

performing with percussionist Quiné Teles and

pianist Pedro Almeida. Their first album Praia da

Independência (Portuguese for “Independence

Beach”) was awarded the Portuguese national radio

distinction “Disco Antena 1” and was debuted at the II

Lusophone Festival of Goa in India.

Join Senza at Global Stage for a vibrant and

warm soundscape - a place where influences from

Portuguese speaking countries from all around

the world meet. It’s a music style which they call

lusophone fusion.


Catarina Duarte - lead singer

Nuno Caldeira - guitar, backing vocals

Pedro Almeida - piano, keyboard

Quiné Teles - drums, percussion



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