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The HandleBards: Romeo & Juliet

Theatre • Tickets: $0.00

The HandleBards are the world’s first cycling theatre

company. Before touring their “seriously silly” production

of Romeo and Juliet around the world, they pedalled

it 1500 miles around the UK by bicycle, with all the

necessary set, props and costume in tow. Now, the show

is back by popular demand - and, in usual HandleBards

style, expect riotous amounts of energy, a fair old whack

of chaos, and a great deal of laughter.


Praise for the HandleBards

êêêêê - “There is not a single HandleBard who is

anything less than magnificent.” - The Wee Review

êêêêê - “Five stars just don’t seem enough…” - The

Sunderland Echo

êêêêê - “I laughed until I cried, there’s nothing else

out there like The HandleBards.” - The Shields Gazette

êêêêê - “There is never a moment when the audience

is not laughing.” - Broadway Baby

êêêêê - “A hilarious, heart-felt, high-octane show.” -

Young Perspective

êêêêê - “They make great use of the fourth wall…

bringing the audience right into the action.” - Fringe


êêêêê - “An unexpected delight and a must-see!” -

EdFringe Review

êêêê - “Gloriously eccentric and very, very funny.” -

The Stage

êêêê - “It is cheeky, it is hilarious and it is touching

(sometimes literally).” - The Reviews Hub



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