HIFA Harare International
Festival of the Arts

Angels Amongst Us

Dance • Tickets: $0.00

They spread their wings and sing the tone that is

contagious to all. The wings are invisible yet their presence

is felt by all. The beautiful light they share makes life much

brighter for all. They are the angels among us.

Choreography : Tendai Makurumbandi

Dancers: Sara Steen Holvik, Mcintosh Jerahuni, Ingrid

Sørensen, Linn Hamnvik, Peter Lenso,

og Astrid Serina Hoel.

Music: Mattia Cupelli, Pan Sonic, Murcof, Erik Truffaz,

Bulgarian voices, Greg Haines, Chris Joris, Adama Dramè

and Robin Horgath

Lights: Christen Andre Mentzoni

Costumes: Yodit Mezgebe, Operaen i Kristiansund

Sponsors: Norwegian Arts Council, Norwegian Arts

Abroad, Innovation Norway.


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